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Tonies - Marvel Ghost-Spider

$ 17.99

Brand Tonies

Gwen can’t wait to play her drums at the music festival while her friends Peter and Miles watch! But when Doc Ock barges in, Gwen, Peter, and Miles switch into Ghost-Spider, Spidey, and Spin to stop her. Doc hypnotizes Spidey, Spin, and the audience with her hypno-beat — now they’ll do whatever she wants! Can Ghost-Spider turn everyone back to normal and save the day?

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Perseverance


1. Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends Theme 🎵
2. Webs Up 🎵
3. Super Hero on the Beat 🎵


4. Spidey and His Amazing Friends - Swing With A Stomp

Total Run Time: 41 minutes

  • Made in Tunisia
  • Toniebox sold separately
  • Age Range: 3-5