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Sign up in-store or online for our new Milk Money Rewards Program! 

Just click the rewards icon to view the Milk Money Rewards Info info and create an account! 

Earn Milk Money Rewards in the following ways:

  • create a store account (400 points)
  • make an order in-store or online (2 points per $1 spent)
  • follow on instagram (50 points)
  • like our facebook page (50 points)
  • share our website on facebook (50 points)
  • share on twitter (50 points)
  • have a birthday (200 points)

Accumulate 500 points and get a $5 coupon!  1,000 points gets you a $10 coupon.  Accumulate 2,500 points and get a $25 coupon! 

Milk Money Rewards Program