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Hydrascape Stickers

$ 14.99

Brand The Milk Moustache

Infinity Stickers® are designed to wrap around themselves to create an infinite landscape on any size of bottle! As you rotate your bottle, you will see no beginning and no end to your sticker- just a colorful, unique landscape! This sticker also looks awesome on skis, boards, cars, coolers, racks and beyond!

Size: 3.25” x 25”

All Hydrascape Infinity Stickers® are:

  • Waterproof 

  • Dishwasher Safe 

  • UV Resistant

All of our products are made in Bellingham, WA!

Apply to a clean, dry, smooth surface. For extra security, we recommend that you clean the surface with rubbing alcohol first and after applying it, zap your sticker with a blow dryer to help the glue set- this is especially important for surfaces that will get wet including boats, skis and boards. 

*We do not recommend applying Infinity Stickers to non-cylindrical bottles, including tapered or pear-shaped bottles.