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Celestial Stones Bracelet Set

$ 10.99

Brand Make It Real

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Celestial stone bracelets that creative tweens will love!
This colorful, easy-to-assemble bracelet kit will nourish your tween’s creativity. Everything is included, from cords to beads and charms, and simple instructions will guide kids as they create beautiful jewelry to suit their unique style! Comes with a PlayTray to organize beads, anchor bracelets, and hold smartphones for accessing digital instructions. Designing and assembling bracelets develops tweens’ fine motor, tactile sensory, and visual skills, all while allowing them to express their personal style. Give the tween in your life the gift of creativity and good vibes with this out-of-this-world kit!

1 clear elastic cord 2 m (2.2 yd)
1 nylon cord 5 m (5.5 yd)
1 nylon cord 1.5 m (1.6 yd)
1 nylon cord 3m (3.3 yd)
260 assorted beads
4 charms
1 Play Tray
1 instruction sheet

Suggested ages 8+