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Hidden Colors Magic Paint Sheets - Magic Jungle

$ 11.99

Brand OOLY

Magic jungle hidden colors magic paint sheets

One thing the jungle is not, is black and white! Watch it come to life with just a brush of water when you use these hidden colors water reveal sheets. Eight different designs are included along with a brush. Just add water to begin your creative trek through this delightful jungle!

Close your eyes and picture the jungle. What do you see? The bold colors of the birds? The array of greens from the different foliage? The camouflaged colors of the animals lurking among the trees? Bring it all to life with these hidden colors magic painting sheets! Just add water to discover the bright and bold colors of OOLY’s jungle! The kit includes eight different reveal sheets, as well as a brush for applying the water.

  • Magic jungle-themed water reveal sheets
  • Brush included - all you need is water
  • Use wet brush to reveal magic hidden colors
  • Colors remain as image dries for a framable work of art
  • Includes 8 magic paint sheets
  • Each page features a different ocean animal in intricate detail
  • Jungle animals include frogs, jungle cats, and tropical birds
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up