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Tutti Frutti Modeling Dough - Buddies Cow

$ 5.99

Brand Tutti Frutti

Cowabunga - start by forming the yellow pear-scented dough into a ball. Push the ball onto the black and white cow base prong before pushing the plastic cow head on top.  In the blink of an eye you have created your very own cow buddy! Make your cow round, squat, tall, whatever shape you want.  Try different colors of dough for comical results. Flower press mold under base for more creative projects.

    Made in Canada, Tutti Frutti™ reinvents traditional modeling dough by offering your children not only a colourful visual and tactile experience, but one that talks to their nose with exciting fruity scents.

    Unlike other modeling dough, Tutti Frutti is rehydratable, non-sticky, non-flaky and made with non-toxic ingredients. With its mixable colours, its malleable texture and its different scents, the Tutti Frutti modeling dough is fun and stimulating!