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Touch & Feel & Smell Christmas Cookies Board Book

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Brand Cottage Door Press


Let's help with the Christmas baking this holiday season!! Smell, touch, feel, trace, and talk about everyone's favorite...cookies! Scratch and smell the delicious peppermints and yummy cookies, feel the sticky frosting, roll out the dough, and play with more sensory features in this sturdy board book for your curious baby and toddler. Bright, bold illustrations are the perfect way to introduce holiday baking traditions and how they can help!  Interactive touch-and-feel books inspire hands-on learning.

  • Toddlers love to touch and interact. Touch and feel invite children to interact with the story and explore the world around them
  • Touching the pages helps develop babies sense of touch, support hand-eye coordination and inspire their curiosity
  • Bright, bold artwork and interactive textures appear on each page of this sturdy board book
  • Get into the spirit of the season together!
  • Questions on each page encourage interaction and communication development

ISBN: 9781680527087
7”w x 7”h
5 story spreads