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Tea Collection Summer Nights Tank Pajama Set - Crocodile Dance

$ 19.99

Brand Tea Collection

Fiddlesticks! This product is unavailable.

This 2 piece tank and shorts PJ set is ready for bed, and the lively print is ready for morning cartoons. 100% soft cotton rib. Brushed for softness.

  • For childs safety, garment should fit snugly
  • Crew neckline
  • Sleeveless
  • Top: Above thigh length
  • Bottom: Below mid-thigh length
  • Slim fit conforms to 16 CFR 1615/ 1616, US Dimensional Restrictions for Childrens Sleepwear
  • Slim fit conforms to Canada Dimensional Restrictions for Pajamas
  • 100% cotton rib, brushed interior for extra softness
  • Machine wash