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Natursutten Butterfly Rounded Pacifier - Large (12+ months)

$ 10.00

Brand Natursutten

Natursutten Butterfly Rounded Pacifier - Large (12+ months)

Natursutten Butterfly pacifier has a cut-out on the top which gives the shield a butterfly shape and makes more room for baby’s nose.

The soft material of the NATURSUTTEN pacifier has several advantages:

  • Follows baby’s natural mouth movements
  • Does not leave marks on baby’s face
  • Have shown incredible strength in the “Stretch-test”
  • 100% natural
  • Environment friendly and biodegradable

Ortho size L is recommended for babies from 12+ months old

NATURSUTTEN BUTTERFLY is made ecologically sustainable from pure natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensis.

The design, the company and the idea is Danish and our product is manufactured exclusively in Italy.

All NATURSUTTEN BUTTERFLY pacifiers are certified to conform to the European Union (EU) directive concerned with safety, health and environment. (Pacifier Safety requirements by European standard EN 1400). And to US regulations according to CPSIA and 16 CFR 1511 plus Australian standards AS 2432-2009

In addition to offering baby-safe alternatives, we value these facts:

All packaging / boxes are manufactured in 100% environmentally friendly recycled paper and printed with soya inks.
All stages of production protect human rights and the rights of the workers.

The original NATURSUTTEN BUTTERFLY is sold only by EcoBaby in Denmark, and through selected distributors around the world.