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Letterfolk Tile Mat

$ 74.99

Brand Letterfolk

Letterfolk Tile Mat

***Due to the weight, we cannot ship these for our standard $5 fee.  They will be available for in-store pickup only.  If you purchase online, we will contact you to collect the additional shipping fee based on your location.  Or please call 815-875-6455 and we can quote the fee for you.  Weight is apx. 6 pounds.  Thank you!

Personalize your front porch, your bathroom, or kitchen with these genius tile mats! 

Tile Mat is an all-purpose mat that’s functional, beautiful, and — most importantly — customizable. Its timeless, vintage-inspired hexagon tile design and removable caps can be used to create endless patterns, designs, and words. Each Tile Mat comes with 75 black tiles for customization.