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Happy Wrap Baby Carrier

$ 48.00

Brand Happy Wrap

Designed for today's active parent, the Happy Wrap is stylish, comfortable, and fully adjustable leaving you free to get things done while enjoying the closeness of your baby.


– Lightweight and breathable – ideal for hot weather
– Fully adjustable ensuring a perfect fit every time!
– Ergonomically supports your baby up to 25 lbs
– No buckles or rings that may break
– Allows for discreet nursing
– Upright position helps reduce colic/acid reflux
– Luxuriously soft
– Machine washable

100% Made in the USA

"I LOVE this wrap! I tried out a few of the other popular wraps and they all felt too bulky. I love the soft and comfortable material of the wrap and it’s perfect for warmer climates because it’s not too thick. After washing my wrap for the first time I was pleasantly surprise that it was still as soft as it was brand new. I recommend Happy Wraps to all of my new mom friends!"