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Feather Baby Otters Kangaroo Romper

$ 19.49

Brand Feather Baby

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Feather Baby Otters Kangaroo Romper

It’s the age-old question...which is cuter: your toddler or a family of river otters? Opt for the best of both worlds and adorn your child with our Otters scene on your child! These adorable animals float among the cattails on the river, staring up at you with a look that says, “Come play with me!” For the record, your little one is the cutest.

Our best value in a boys romper, the long-sleeved Kangaroo Romper is also a signature Feather Baby piece. (Yes, we were the first!) With a lap-sleeve collar and snaps along the inseam, it’s easy for moms on the go. Let your little one gather acorns and leaves with the ‘kangaroo’ pocket in front. 

Handcrafted in Peru. Medium-weight interlock knit with 100% Pima cotton..  Machine Wash.

Because our measurements are for a new, unwashed outfit, please factor in shrinkage when choosing the best size.

All cotton, including luxurious Pima cotton, will shrink between 8% and 10%.  But cotton fabric shrinks only once. After that, it will retain its size and shape forever.

We recommend using shrinkage to your advantage and sizing up. That way, you can wash and dry your outfit as much as you like without the worry of hanging it to dry. Babies are messy and we want you to get a lot of use out of our clothes. 

Because of its extra-long staples, Pima cotton is extremely durable and holds up great in the wash. Unlike bamboo and cheap cotton, Pima will never pill and will retain its luster and softness long after your baby outgrows the outfit. That's why we recommend passing along Feather Baby outfits to a friend or loved one. It's good for the environment!