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Ali + Oli Modern Bunny Teether Toy - Soft Grey

$ 15.00

Ali + Oli Modern Bunny Teether Toy - Soft Grey

This adorable Bunny teething toy is perfect for infants just like yours to relieve sore gums and teething pain. This soft silicone teether is not only adorable -- it's effective. Pop it into the freezer for a few minutes for added extra soothing comfort. The multi-texture surface is a great massager for her sore gums and it also helps provide sensory points for her to feel and for her little hands grip on to. It also helps her learn hand-to-mouth coordination, which is essential at this age.

Quality is in the details!
▶  Soft and bendable food grade silicone
▶  Natural Beach Wood.
▶  Size: 4 x 3 x .75 inches
▶  100% BPA & Phthalates Free
▶  Completely safe for your baby
▶  Unique shape soothes sore gums
▶  Freezer friendly and perfect for pacifier clips
▶  Wipe clean only.