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2020 Explicit F&$@ Flake Snowflake Wooden Ornament

$ 12.99

Brand The Milk Moustache

May we present the popular F*&k Flake to commemorate the disastrous year of 2020!

4.5" round, this F*Flake will give any recipient a good chuckle. Slightly disguised as a snowflake so as not to be too obvious. You can slip it into your Christmas tree to tell 2020 what you really think!

We apologize if this offends anyone, we don't usually offer anything with curse words, but our customers were asking for this and it's paying the bills after a rough year!  If you think you need to report me to the local newspaper and have them run an article about how inappropriate this is and what a poor business owner I am (yes, this threat really happened...I cried at the time), please don't delay.  My friend at the newspaper has already bought 4 and probably gifted them to her other newspaper friends, so you may need to go National to find someone that will take the story.  It will only spawn more F-Flake sales and might even land me on Ellen and send me on a much needed vacation after this year.  I'm thinking the Bahamas, but I hear the Maldives is really amazing. 

If you have a sense of humor, or you need a clearer photo to send to the Better Business Bureau, you can view the actual ornament here : 

Thank you for shopping small business!  We appreciate you.