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Mag-Pad Super Magnetic Drawing Pad

$ 24.99

Brand Leading Edge

This toy is a blast from the past that's sure to be a hit with todays youngsters as well!

This large magnet-art pad is a must-have on any car-ride! This tablet allows your child to express their creativity while also encouraging tactile sensory input from pushing the magnets down when “erasing”. The greatest feature of this pad is the fact that the pen is attached, so it cannot be dropped and lost into car oblivion!

This pad is perfect even for children who struggle with coming up with what to create, as there are 26 letter cards as well as 26 design cards that your child can use for inspiration. Often children on the autism spectrum struggle with ideation, and therefore this would be perfect for them, as they can explore their creativity while have some stimulus to jump-start the creative process. 

Additionally, this pad helps children practice letter formation, as well as holding a writing utensil. Both of the skills will greatly impact their ability to successfully complete handwriting tasks later in life. In order to encourage language development, as your child to create a story about what they are drawing, or work with them to build a story together. 

Warning: This product contains small pieces, and therefore should not be used by children under the age of 36 months.